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How to make a dwc hydroponics?

Nowadays, the cultivation method of hydroponics is relatively mature, and many people will use hydroponics to grow vegetables and flowers. There are many ways of hydroponics, such as NFT, dwc. In this article, we will introduce the DWC system.

1. What does DWC meaning?

We can simply understand as planting plants in a water depth of 4-10cm (or even deeper water), and the planting method that contains certain nutrients in the water is the Deep Water Culture (DWC) system. DWC hydroponic is easy to make, and starting a dwc hydroponic just need smalll cost. Then how to build a dwc system? 

2. How to build a dwc hydroponics system?

You might need:

high density eps(or xps) planting raft, planting sponge, water pump, some water pipe, and 2 water tank. One for water storage,one for planting. (If you can not find a big enough tank for planting, you also can use some smooth wooden to assemble one)

Step 1: Connect the pipe to the water pump so that the water is pumped to the other end of the planting tank to form a water flow. Water flow can drive oxygen, and it can also ensure that nutrients will be distributed everywhere in the water tank.

Step 2:Transplant the seedlings to the planting raft. Add nutrient solution regularly, basically you don't need to take care of it later. If you are not sure of the nutrient content in the water, you can also use a pH meter to measure the content regularly, and then add nutrient solution as needed.

In fact, the vertical multi-layer DWC system has been widely cited, this system saves space and can get greater output. If it is planted indoors, small fans and plant lights can be installed to create a better growth environment for plants.



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