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Advantages of soilless culture

To understand the development advantages of soilless culture, we must first understand what soilless culture is.

Soilless cultivation refers to a planting mode that does not use soil, but uses crop cultivation substrates or nutrient solutions as the growth environment of plant roots!

Instead of using natural soil, according to the environmental conditions necessary for the growth and development of different crops, especially the basic conditions necessary for root growth, including nutrition, moisture, pH, aeration, and rhizosphere temperature, design devices and cultivation that meet these basic conditions Way to cultivate crops without soil.


· Fast growth and high yield

Soilless cultivation of crops grows fast and yields high. The yield of crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers is more than twice that of soil cultivation.
·Avoid pollution and reduce pests

Because the fertilizer used in soilless culture is a nutrient solution prepared with inorganic elements, and the substrate is disinfected, pollution is avoided and pests and diseases are also reduced.
·Saving labor, water and fertilizer

There is no need to carry out soil cultivation, land preparation, fertilization, cultivating and weeding, etc., and field management is greatly reduced; soilless cultivation can avoid a large amount of waste of water resources caused by leakage and evaporation of soil cultivation, and only a small amount of water is enough ; Soilless culture is to plant plants under closed circulation conditions or in containers, and there is no problem of nutrient loss
·Manual control, small restrictions

Since soilless culture is carried out under artificial control conditions, all the nutrients and environmental conditions required for growth can be met, so the growth and development are good, so the flowers produced by soilless culture have high yield and good quality. Soilless cultivation is less affected by seasonal changes and can be carried out at any time in any season.

At present, there are two trends in the development of soilless culture technology in the world:

One is the type with high investment, high technology and high efficiency, such as the developed countries such as Holland, Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Israel and Denmark. The control is completely controlled by computer, realizing one-stop factory production, realizing the annual supply of products, high output value and significant economic benefits.

Another trend is mainly in developing countries, especially China as a representative. According to the national conditions and economic and technical conditions of the country, local materials are used to implement local methods, manual operations, and simple equipment are used.

Domestic and foreign countries attach great importance to the research of soilless culture technology, engineering and environmental equipment, because the application of soilless culture technology in my country started late, and the level of soilless culture technology is now in the development stage, but my country is a country with huge development potential. With the gradual improvement of agricultural technology and economic conditions and the continuous improvement of living standards, it is expected that soilless cultivation will see a new vigorous development in the future.



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