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Shenzhen Ouma Xinnong Technology Co., Ltd. uses the facility engineering of soilless agriculture, environmental regulation technology, and factory production of vegetable soilless cultivation, Research and application of greenhouse environment control, cultivation facilities, operating machinery (intelligent equipment), commercial substrates, special nutrient solutions, etc. to realize the industry Change, standardization, commercialization and automation. Realize the development of large-scale and commercial production of soilless cultivation, with soilless cultivation facilities and supporting technology A national-level high-tech technology enterprise with business R&D and park operation promotion
It gathers many senior planners, engineers, technicians, operations and other scientific research personnel, and maintains a good relationship with many domestic and foreign research institutes Partnership. Continuously develop new technologies and products that lead the market, and have formed covering agricultural intelligent equipment, agricultural Internet of Things, greenhouse An independent intellectual property system for the entire industrial chain of construction, soilless cultivation, and plant factories. Obtained dozens of national patents, and the products are widely used in agriculture Industry production, tourism, smart city, scientific research experiment and many other fields. In the industrialization, standardization, commercialization, automation, The agricultural park has rich experience in the direction of profitability and sustainability to meet the needs of customer groups in different countries.
The soilless cultivation facility project meets the basic needs of plant growth and development, cultivation facilities and equipment, greenhouse environment, cultivation types, Better integration of crop management, root environment, nutrient solution control, etc., so that facility engineering and agronomy can be organically unified, while the company focuses on design Implement engineering research and innovation, and develop a “comfortable environment, standardization of facilities, labor-saving operations, modular technology, and intelligent management” Soilless cultivation technology system.
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